선생님들의 글
The Road of Learning
2007.03.07 12:03
The Road of Learning

by Mattew

Working for KIDCA has taught me a lot,
working with children of all ages and challenges
has shown me to really take care of kids
of all backgrounds.
From teaching comes the gift of education
and from playing with all these different children
comes a different kind of love.
I have really enjoyed being in the classroom
with every one of them,
I have enjoyed playing
with them outside the classroom too
as I found they listen to me more in the classroom
so in turn they learn more.
The way the children yell my name when on the way to my class
makes me really want to try hard
to educate these wonders of the next generation,
and it makes me feel good to know
I can help make their future bright.
Thank you to all the wonderful children's
wonderful mothers and fathers.

                  Matthew teacher.........
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