MOM & I (엄마와 함께)
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Once students arrive in U.S., they receive quality education delivered by NWC selected U.S. private schools. Schools are thoroughly researched with several clear goals. First, private schools working with NWC must offer extensive array of top quality educational foundation with proven record of accomplishment. Second, NWC works with hand selected U.S. private schools located in smaller cities void of negative influences often associated with large metropolitan locations.

Presently, NWC works with following elementary, junior, and senior high schools:

v Galesburg Christian School (Grades K through 12th grade / 유치원 - 고등학교)

v Carusso Catholic School (Grades K through 8th grade / 유치원 - 중학교)

v Peoria Christian School (Grades K through 12th grade / 유치원 - 고등학교)

v Heritage Academy (Grades K through 8th grade / 유치원 - 중학교)

NWC staff are located in or near the schools, ready to provide necessary support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Specially trained counselors provide weekly individual contacts and bi-weekly group contacts in an effort to support students' cultural adjustment process. When necessary, NWC can provide more extensive individual counseling and guidance conducted by licensed professionals.

What makes our program so special?

v NWC program offers blend of academic foundation, cultural interaction, language projects, travel
      experiences, weekend activities, and total language emersion, which make the NWC experience
      truly unique.

v Our strength is "Total Care Service" that takes the worry out of sending a child to United States.
      We provide ongoing supervision, support, assistance, and care while students are studying in United
      States. NWC provides monthly progress, language acquisition, cultural adjustment, behavioral issues,
      and photos.