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The proposed program (which is general conceptual rendition) offers four phases to the program.
First, in order to effectively deal with the physical limitations and time difference, the first phase will focus on RAPPORT building, tour, and recreation.
The second phase addresses the age appropriate English instruction that also incorporates educating the parents on effective teaching methodology re: developing creative and intelligent children.
The third phase of the program will include brief but validated child aptitude tests that will increase the parental knowledge of their child and level/type of support necessary for their child's success.
Final phase focuses on Developing educational, personal, academic strategy and philosophy for the parents. Parents will also have opportunity to visit three tiers of American University system that will increase the knowledge base of the parents.

Finally, parents (mothers) will receive 7 to 9 practical one-hour special seminars related to child development and successful developmental strategies from specialists and experts in their field. Additionally, mothers will hear from successful Korean-American professionals, well accomplished in their fields, who will present their success stories. Guest speakers will include:
  • Dr. Denise Dechow (M.D. - Board Certified Psychiatrists)
  • Dr. Gretchen Larson (Psy.D. - Child Psychologist)
  • Dr. Scott Smith (Ph.D. - Juvenile Delinquency Specialist)
  • Dr. Chris Tolen (Psy.D. - Neuro-psychologist)
  • Mr. Mark Skoog (Microsoft Corp. Executive)
  • Mr. Mike Hahn (Accounting Consultant - Deloitte & Touche
  • Mr. David Lee, M.B.A. (Investment Banker - Bank of America)
  • Ms. Hee-Won (Helen) Kim (Ph.D. Student)
  • Mr. Michael Do (Premedical Student - University of Illinois)
  • Mr. Tae Young Hong, M.B.A. (Motorola, Corp.)
Phase One: Three Nights & Four Days
  • Main emphasis is on developing rapport and stimulating the children's mind through sites, sounds, and activity. ·
  • Daily touring will also helps in sleep pattern (i.e. time difference) transition. ·
  • Educational activities include:
    • Museum of Science & Industry (1 day event)
    • Field Museum or Planetarium (1/2 day event)
    • Possibly Natural History Museum - (1/2 day event)
  • Parents will receive one hour lecture on developing healthy mother/child relationship
    • Speaker: Ms. Hee Won (Helen) Kim (Ph.D. Candidate)
Phase Two: Eleven Nights & Twelve Days
English Language Instruction / Theme: "Learning is Fun!"
  • Housing at Knox College ·
  • English Instruction & Activities
    • Phonics
    • Developing Sentence Structure & Listening Skills
    • Expressing oneself in expressive English (e.g. Using Skit)
    • Word games (e.g. hangman) that makes learning English fun and enjoyable for the child
  • Mothers are given specified instructions on how to enhance their child's learning process. Mothers are taught how to encourage, support, and challenge their children.
    • In essence, mothers learn how to interact and teach English to their children in a fun and exciting manner.
    • Games and activity worksheets are saved in the child's folder for the parent to take home.
  • All Mothers will have opportunity to receive three one-hour lectures (translated in Korean) on special parenting topics (e.g. Childhood disorders: diagnosis and prevention strategies; Creating optimal physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth environment) ·
  • Guest Speakers will include:
    • Dr. Denise Dechow (M.D.) - Board Certified Psychiatrist
    • Dr. Chris Tolen (Psy.D.) - Neuropsychologist
    • Dr. Scott Smith - Psychologist (Juvenile Delinquency Specialist)
Phase Three: Child Aptitude Test
  • Each child will be taken for 90 minutes per child during the Phase Two for Child Aptitude Test ·
  • The results will be shared during the final phase of the program.
    • The evaluation will yield child strengths, potential interests, personality style (e.g. introvert vs. extrovert, intuitive, etc.), and possible suitable career directions (only for children of suitable age)
Phase Four: Three nights & Four Days
Developing educational, personal, academic strategy and philosophy for the child
  • Reflection of program: Personal consultation - Assist parents develop their child's intellectual, social, psychological, and spiritual growth strategy and philosophy.
  • Assist in developing parental mission and goal statement (and commitment).
  • Each child's aptitude tests are reviewed privately. Answer any questions.
  • Shopping Spree: Discounted famous name brand shopping: At Gurnee Mall - One of the Largest Mall in United States
  • Special banquet dinner
  • American Style Contemporary Worship: Willow Creek (Children's Program).
  • Mothers will receive four (4) one hour special lectures (translated in Korean) on following topics to cap off the program
    • Dr. Gretchen Larson: Strategies for developing sound foundation for children and youth
    • Mr. Mark Skoog: Preparing children for technological future
    • Seminars by successful Korean-American professionals
      • Mr. Mike Hahn - Accounting Consultant with Deloitte & Touche
      • Mr. David Lee, M.B.A. - Investment Banker, Bank of America
      • Mr. Tae Young Hong, M.B.A. - Motorola